VoIP:101 — Getting started with your VoIP Network — Part 1

VoIP networks, VoIP phones, VoIP extensions, VoIP everything. VoIP seems to be one of those black box buzz words that IT pros toss around, like the “CLOUD!” But what is really going on behind the scenes? How does VoIP protocols actually work? How can I setup a Call System? How do I get an outside number people can use to dial me?

This next series of blog posts (Part1, Part2, Part3) are dedicated to walking through the many aspects related to VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) and it’s features.

PART #1 — Laying the foundation for our VoIP network
  • The Lab — Our Network pieces.
  • SIP — Life blood of VoIP
  • FreePBX/Asterisk — Call System Exchange
  • Phone Provisioning (Manual/Auto)
    • Manual Provisioning with Zoiper, Liphone, UbiPhone
    • Auto-provisioning with Cisco 7941G and 7945G (7961G,7965G)
  • Making your first VoIP call!
PART #2 — Call routing, Call numbers, SIP Trunks
  • VoIP SIP Termination — Where VoIP ends and PSTN begins
  • SIP Trunks and DID(external PTSN numbers)
  • Outbound and Inbound Call Routing
  • Optional: Install g729 codec
PART #3 — Ring Groups, Extension Shortcuts, Call Centers, Voicemails, Secure SIP with TLS, etc
  • Ring Groups
  • Extension Speed Dialing
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) — useful for Business Directory Prompt
  • Advanced Voicemail Services
  • Securing SIP (TLS and SRTP)
  • Other Cool Features

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