Java Code — Blocklist2ACL 2.0 Released!!

**Updated 2.0.1 (rc1)**

Hey all, due to the success of the Blocklist2ACL.hta script from this previous post, I decided to port the code over from VBscript to Java. In effort to make the program more stable, cross-platform comparable, and future proof. I’ve received a few comments and PMs from users explaining that the Internet Explorer requirement was giving them issues. This is true, the old script relied heavily on Internet Explorer and what version you were running. Well enough of that, as I was able to port the code over to Java (no, not JavaScript), which has it’s own runtime objects and classes that I was able to utilize.

Here are some screenshots:

JRE1.7+, grab it here.


SHA1      = 9DD863BBF0A5BC2EE110EF6C6F899F7AAC2A0ABD
SHA-256 = 245CA6DE2A93800742BD16B6506C6C3241A9E62410E294B76734875AB89A636C